At Royalsthan, we aim to bridge this divide between the artists and the market. The intent of Royalsthan is to motivate and patronage the talents and exclusiveness of local artisans by stimulating and selling their handmade products We are sincerely working to render the keepsake of pride, confidence in the local talents so that they can work on their talent more and more thus sharpen their talents which can, in turn, give them financial security too. As financial stability is a key to a better economic and social life, thus we are tenacious towards making their life more prosperous and graceful by making them stand on their own feet.

As a responsible citizen of the society, we are only using inartificial materials without damaging our environment. We are successively recycling and reusing our products and thus working effectively towards waste management reducing the waste excretion to the environment.

Team Royalsthan is thankful to all the prominent persons who are a part of our journey for uplifting the lower sections of society especially from the remote areas which are still waiting for the process of development


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