धारावी – नज़रअंदाज़ की हुई उत्पादक बस्ती।

                                                                                                              By Pallavi Joshi SMS

मुम्बई सपनो की नगरी, कामयाबी की नगरी और बहुत से नाम है जिससे हम मुंबई को जानते है पर एक नाम और भी है जो इसको सबसे अलग बनाता है वह है धारावी“( DHARAVI) ।  धारावी  भारत की सबसे बड़ी “कच्ची बस्ती”(Slum) है यहाँ 1 मिलियन लोग एक साथ रहते है यह हमारे ऐशिया की दूसरी सबसे बड़ी ओर  दुनिया की तीसरी सबसे बड़ी कच्ची बस्ती हैं। धारावी  पुरे विश्व मैं सबसे उत्पादक कच्ची बस्ती हैं। यह अपने आप मैं करोड़ो की इंडस्ट्री हैं।

दुनिया भर से लोग यहाँ काम सीखने आते है इसकी व्यापारिक राणनीतिया (business study) ऑक्सफ़ोर्ड यूनिवर्सिटी  में पढ़ाई जाती है।

हर साल यहाँ से 6.50 मिलियन डॉलर का काम होता है “धारावी” आपने चमड़े(leather) , ज़री, और कड़ाई( embroidery) के काम के लिए बहुत प्रसिद्ध है। यहाँ का माल आयत निर्यात किया जाता है। “धारवी” “भारत” की अर्थव्यवस्था मे हर साल 75000Cr.करोड़ का हिस्सा देता है। “धारावी ” के आम जीवन पे बनी हुई एक फ़िल्म ने हमारे देश का नाम एक बार फिर रोशन किया था। जहा “धारावी” हमारे लिये हमारे देश के  लिये इतना कुछ कर रहा है वहा धारावी को क्या मिला? यहाँ के लोगो को कब उनका हिस्सा मिलेगा? कब यहाँ के लोगो को उनके हक की जमीन मिलेगी कब उनके हक की खुशी मिलेगी? 2004 में “The Devolpmemt Society”ने बहुत योजनाए बनाई यहाँ के विकास के लिए इनकी आजादी के लिए पर वो योजनाए  कब सफल होंगे? या ये सब भी सब कागजों में ही बंद होकर रह जायेगा? इन सवालों का जवाब किसी के पास नही बस यही कहा जा सकता है जो भी काम हो इन लोगो के हित के लिए हो। इन लोगो के घर भले ही छोटे हो पर इनके दिल बहुत बड़े है। मेहनत, लगन और जिंदादिल से जिंदगी जीना किसे कहते है। शायद ही इन लोगो से बेहतर कोई और समझा सकता हैं।।


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Religion v/s Humanity

                                                                                       By Dr. Manisha

Religion vs Humanity:People are God’s gift to Mankind, everyone has the same body and soul. By respecting people He created we are actually respecting the Creator. Hatred leads nowhere, love, caring go a long way. Man has no right to decide which religion is the best

SINCE MOTHER Earth was created, she has seen herself being divided both naturally (into sub continents) and then selfishly (into countries). She must have never thought that a day would come one when she would be divided by her own children in the name of RELIGION. When a child is born, he has no conscious knowledge about himself or about the environment around him. He is an alien, an innocent soul. His body is made up of the same elements as that of Mother Nature. They have the same two hands, two legs; a heart to love and not to hate and even the colour of blood is the same.

Man cannot create a leaf or a fly, though he is free to tamper with God’s creation to the extent he wills. He cannot prevent himself from getting hungry and thirsty, he does not decide what time or country he will be born, he is not free to choose his parents nor physical structure, nor does he know when and where he will die. When so many things cannot be decided by him, he has no right to decide which religion is the best. There is no point in fighting with each other or in instilling fear in other people.

There is a lot of hue and cry in this world- people are starving, they are craving for love, they are molested for some or the other reason. It is high time we rise from the petty issues of religion, fighting over ‘my religion is better than others’. We need to understand that we have to rise above the boundaries of caste, colour, creed, nationality, the conventional religion. Though we are living in the 21st century with all the technical innovations on one side yet we are still fighting over religion. Every human being must be treated with respect.

Humanity should be the biggest religion for each and everyone.

A society can be served in this way thus making earth a better place to live in.

We need to decide what we are going to give to our next generation- hatred or love- the choice is solely ours.


By Dr. Manisha Pandey


                                                                                                                    By Dr. Manisha


Empowering women in India is very necessary to bring gender equality or we can say that gender equality is very necessary to empower women. Our country is still a developing country and economic status of our country is very bad and patriarchy is the main reason for women’s plight since last many centuries. Men do not know that women are the half power of this country and combining to male can form full power of the country. The day when the full power of the country would start working, no other country would be more powerful than the India. Men are not knowing how powerful Indian women are.

It is very necessary for all Indian men to understand the power of women and let them go ahead to make themselves independent and power of the family and country. Gender equality is the first step to bring women empowerment in India. Men should not think that women are made only to handle household chores or take responsibility of home and family. Instead, both (men and women) are responsible for everything of the daily routine. Men too need to understand their responsibility of home and family so that women get ample time for their progress. There are so many laws for empowering women however few are effective. It is not the responsibility of our government only, it is the responsibility of each and every Indian. Every Indian need to change their mind towards women and strictly follow all the rules made for women empowerment.

The only rule can do nothing, everyone needs to understand the theme of rules, why rules are made, why women empowerment is so necessary for our country and other questions. There is a need to change the way of our thinking about women. Women need to be given full freedom, it is their birthright. Women too need to change their mindset and never think that they are weak, instead, they need to think that they have same power like men and can do anything better than men. They can be physically powerful also by learning yoga, martial arts, kung fu, karate, etc as their safety measures. Women empowerment is the vital tool for advancing development in the country. It also would help in reducing poverty by improving health and productivity within families and communities as well as providing the better chance to the next generation.

There are many social issues making women backward in India such as gender-based violence, reproductive health inequities, economic discrimination, harmful traditional practices, other pervasive and persistent forms of inequality. Women are bearing enormous hardship from the ancient time in India. There are many private and government organizations and institutions supporting women empowerment, promoting policymaking, promoting gender-sensitive data collection, improving women’s health awareness and expanding their independence in the society. Despite such supports and human rights, women are still dependent and a lot needs to be done.

The reality is women are much stronger than men and women can handle problem more efficiently. It doesn’t mean women should ask for sympathy from other people that she has not been given equal opportunity as men. Rather women should break the shackles of patriarchy and prove themselves.Women empowerment is the only panacea to many of the problems our society faces today such as dowry, illiteracy, poverty etc. Empowered women mean empowered families, empowered society and in turn empowered country in all respects. So all parts, sections, and functions of the society should be aware of this and actively work towards it.